National Competition Organisation 

National art/design competitions inviting ideas to explore specific briefs have proven to be an effective way of unlocking creative input and enhancing brand positioning.  The brief for the competition is written to resonate with your business focus, using a language that will encourage the wider creative community to enter.  We provide a complete turn-key service, managing the entire programme logistics and engagement with artists/designers.  We nvolve you with short-listing and judging to meet your needs and advise on how to maximise the impact of the presentation of the final ideas/winner.  In delivering your competition, we draw upon 10 years experience in linking creative talent with business

In-house design brief

To explore your  business in more detail, generate great ideas and involve your team in the process, we embed highly talented creative thinkers into your business for a short in-house design brief.  We source and select the best creative talent from recent Masters graduates from respected universities (such as Royal College of Art, Central Saint Martins and University College London) to bring the traditional educational design brief in-house.  We write a brief that draws from your business focus and agenda.  The artists/designers work on their ideas for a few weeks as we guide the alumni through tutorials, towards a subject matter that is both relevant and original.  The assignment is ended with an inspiring presentation of their ideas and work.  

In-house Workshop

A facilitated in-house workshop provides the trigger to unlock the creativity which exists amongst your existing team, challenging them to become the creative talent.  We run a design brief (as we would at the Royal College of Art), where your team are the artists.  We set the brief and give you a framework/methods that enable you to create the most unique and powerful ideas that you possibly can.  Then you present your ideas in the most appropriate way for the context - we've seen the most extraordinary creative performances, providing both tremendous idea generation and memorable team building experiences.