We have over 10 years experience of running and organising art and design competitions for industry and public sector institutions.  


What WE Do

We found creative platforms for companies who want to cultivate projects with creative thinkers, artists and designers.  This includes founding / organising / curating competitions, exhibitions and workshops.  Creating relevant and inspiring projects for your delegates, employees or customers with work that directly responds to your industry or sector.  


Why Choose us

With over 10 years experience of founding & organising / running international Art & Design competitions for companies like Worldpay, Consult Hyperion and Barclaycard. We offer a complete 'turn key' service that bring the best creative talent to you.  

Our extensive knowledge of contemporary art & design practice means the advice and content we write is engaging for both creatives, whilst the content is relevant to your industry.  

Our network provides you with world renound creative talent drawn from the top art & design institutions, including; Royal College of Art Alumni, Central Saint Martins Alumni and Goldsmiths Alumni. 


Why start a creative platform

To generate ideas in the first phase of a research project.

To generate interesting and unique public relations content.

To bring different perspectives to projects.

To bring holistic thinking to siloed fields.

To entertain and inspire employees or delegates.

To support young creative talent.