Worldpay 'Creative Insight Awards'


In 2017, we founded and ran the ‘Creative Insight Awards’ for Worldpay.  This month-long design brief challenged a group of alumni from the Royal College of Art to reinvent the four-digit PIN for the smart phone.  The designers had four weeks to develop an idea that radically reimagined this old security method for the new smartphone technology.

14 artists & designers were shortlisted to take part in the ‘creative insight awards,’ they created a wealth of intriguing and imaginative proposals that impressed the Worldpay team. 


The Winners

Three shortlisted projects were awarded Gold, silver and bronze awards.  Nigel Garnett was awarded bronze for his project ‘Visceral’. Cathrine Disney was awarded silver for her project ‘The Mind Reader’.  Finally, the gold awarded went to Makiko Higashi for her excellent project ‘Feel the Pin’. 


The Awards

Alongside founding and organising the Worldpay 'Creative Insight Awards'.  We at Ahaaa, designed and fabricated the awards themselves.  

A Personalised Birch Plywood form with recess to hold the entrants designation.